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Outstanding Achievement & Dedication Award

This is a post I really hoped I would never have to write , after 16 years "Vova " (Volodymyr Stepanyuk"as we all know him has taken the decision to move out of racing and to make a change of career.

Vova started working for us 16 years ago on the 30th June 2008 as a stable lad and during the 16 years working for Nick Gifford Racing he worked his way from Stable Lad to become our "Estate Manager and Senior Work Rider". There are not enough superlatives to describe Vova as a Loyal, dedicated, skilled employee. He is actually more like a member of our family. Over the years as well as riding, driving the tractor, fixing fencing, going racing, doing all aspects of maintenance he has also helped with the kids and babysat when we have been stuck. He would take the kids off in the tractor and in the fields with his skateboards on wheels. We are truly blessed to have him work for us and be part of our team/family.. He carries on with his amazing work ethic, no matter what. We think we are having a bad day or we all have problems, they pale in to insignificance when we hear of what is going on in the Ukraine where Vova is from and all his family are. we have no idea how lucky we are.

We presented Vova with a 16 years Outstanding Achievement award and a photo album of his time with us. Vova has "Glen Rocco" who he is keeping with us for now, so although we have said goodbye we will continue to see him. There have been many tears shed over his departure and whatever happens there will be place here for him here in what ever capacity he would ever need it. What ever Vova does long term , he will flourish and succeed, as he is so talented, hardworking and dedicated. Good Luck Vova.......YOU ARE A TRUE STAR ! Lots of Love Team Gifford xxx

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