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12th May 2020 - Stable News

Its all quiet on the Western front . All the horses are now turned out for a break . Apart from a couple that might run on the flat, they will come back in on the 1st July to be ready for the season ahead. We had to put a few rugs on these last few nights as the temperature has dropped quite low, but it looks like it is warming up for the weekend again.

The majority of staff are on holiday or furloughed. Leaving myself , Ruth and two others get organised and do all the things we do to get the yard back in ship shape for July. All the stables are being steam cleaned. I managed two failed attempts to B&Q to get the paint for the stables. They are the only outlet that stock the blue that we use for the stable doors. The queues have been so big. I finally stuck it out on Sunday and queued to find out they have no stock of the paint !! That is the law of sod. Anyway I got all the black and white we needed for the stables so can make a start.

I have sprayed all the paddocks we are resting to get rid of the weeds. Ruth has been busy looking for fillies to lease. We have found two that will be coming over in July and we will be looking for owners for. There will be no outlay. Just training fees to cover for the 3-4 season lease. One will probably be syndicated and one we may look for a small partnership or full owner for. More details on these to follow soon.

Ruth is also working on getting the two B&B's started so hopefully next year owners and guests will be able to stay too if they want a mini break ! We have sheep on the gallops so I have been teaching the children how to round them up when they escape, this is their PE at the moment !

Anyway there is always plenty to do which is good for the mind. I hope you all are keeping safe and well.

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