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13th December- Exeter Review

13th December - Exeter Review

Rum Cove struggled in the ground and pulled up, James reported he is very green and mentally back ward as well as physically finding it hard in that ground. We will give him every chance and try him on different grounds etc then take a view at the end of the season. He found it all a bit too much today.

Drumheller ran very well in the soft conditions and really plugged on to finish 4th. Niall said he is still very green and a future chaser, he is bred to stay and jump fences. Niall said he will have learnt so much again today , he galloped all the way to the line and passed plenty of horses. He has a great attitude.

Vova took them racing today and WON TWO Best Turned Outs !!! Huge Congratulations to him !!

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