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October 29th- Stable News

This weather is bonkers for end of October, I have just seen a butterfly on the yard ! highs of 21 degrees today in Findon ! More grass then we have ever had this time of year.

Today we have one runner "Ledders" AKA known as Elton to his friends runs in the 5:03 Ascot 29 OCT 2022 1m7½f (1m7f152y) Molton Brown Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (Category 1 Elimination) (GBB Race) (Class 4) (4-6yo) with Niall Houlihan on board. This looks like a hot bumper (some very pricey horses in it) with some of the horses that have run in bumpers or P2P's. This is Ledders first racecourse experience and the most important thing is that he has a positive experience and learns something. So Good Luck Ledder's and all connections and Team Gifford. Today Kirsty Huff and Ella Garland will be looking after Ledders at the races.

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