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Stable News - Friday 17th April

Well fingers crossed for a bit more rain today. We were hoping for a full day of it then with the sunshine forecast for next week the grass will take off. We are going to start turning some of the horses out. They will first go in the small paddocks with there shoes off, before all going up on what we call "The Round" for their holidays. We will then start the yearly routine of steam cleaning and painting the whole yard and maintenance etc.

Ruth is going to set up new syndicates for next year with some lease fillies and hopefully may start a new racing club. So if this is of interest to you please get in touch.

I am going to share some photographs over the coming days taken by a very talented

photographer called Michael Harris. These hopefully capture the feel of our historic yard and friendly set up and amazing facilities. Here we have Glen Rocco, Straw Bear ( Retired) and Oden ( Retired).

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